Friday, December 29, 2006

Wet Start to 2007

It still appears that 2007 will get off to a wet start in North Carolina. We've been tracking a strong storm across the U.S. the past few days. The storm is moving a little slower than originally anticipated, but should bring rain to our region late Sunday into New Year's Day.

Today this storm system brought more snow to the Rockies including Denver and severe weather to Texas. As I write this post Friday evening, there have been 15 reports of tornadoes in Texas.
Some of these tornadoes have been big ones. A storm spotter reported a 1/4 mile wide tornado not too far from the Waco area Friday afternoon. Even President Bush and the First Lady had to seek shelter from a possible tornado near Crawford. No damage was reported near the President's ranch.

Look for more tornado reports Friday night through Saturday from East Texas through the Gulf Coast. You can find the latest on the severe weather threat from the Storm Prediction Center's website at

As this storm moves to North Carolina, it will not pack quite the punch it has had in other parts of the country. We do not expect any severe weather in our region, but we will see rain. Look for a few spotty showers late Sunday with a better chance for rain late Sunday night into the first half of Monday. Many locations in central and eastern North Carolina could see about a half an inch of rain.

We'll keep you posted to the latest on this weekend's weather and how it may impact your New Years plans. Stay tuned to News 14 Carolina for Weather on the Ones updates.

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