Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tropical Update -- Thursday Morning

Our big weather story again this morning is an area of low pressure off the east coast of the U.S. However, the low is not looking very impressive on satellite so far today --

The disturbance has encountered a lot of wind shear over the last 12 hours limiting its development. If the system can hang on through the day today, that wind shear should diminish allowing it to develop into a tropical depression or tropical storm. At that point, the storm should begin to move back to the west coming close to the coast of the Carolinas for the weekend.

Several computer models show a tropical system just off the North Carolina coast by Saturday evening. Here's just one of them from the State Climate Office of North Carolina --

If the disturbance is able to hang on today and follows its expected path, we should see rain in our area for Sunday. Keep in mind there are still a lot of "what if's" with this storm. The big factor we'll be watching today is if the disturbance can hang on through the wind shear that is currently ripping it apart.

Count on News 14 Carolina and Weather on the Ones for the latest updates. We'll also follow the storm here on our Weather on the Ones blog.

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