Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Autumn Storm with Winter Implications...

As Lee pointed out below a strong cold front was responsible for wintry weather for the Carolina mountains as well as some sleet reports from cities across the Northern part of viewing area! This same system has caused quite a mess over New England, primarily New York! Here are some snowfall totals from the Empire State.
  • Roxbury, NY: 25.6"
  • Freeland, NY: 17.0"
  • Morrisville, NY: 15.5"
  • Worcester, NY: 10.5"

Along with heavy snow in New York there were also totals upward of 6" in Pennsylvania and a 3" total in Maryland.

For many baseball fans this same storm had a direct impact on the 2008 World Series between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Tampa Bay Rays. Game 5 started innocently enough with cold conditions and light rain, but by the 3rd inning the rain really picked up with the Phillies in the lead 2-1. As the rain continued to pour and the wind howl, officials kept the game rolling through the 4th and 5th innings. Not sure about you, but there's nothing worse than having to deal with wind chills in the 30's unless you have to deal with it wet! It wasn't until the Rays scored a run in the top of the 6th to tie the game at 2 that the grounds crew came out and the game suspended after 30 more minutes of waiting.

Fast forward to this evening. Conditions in Philly will be just as cold, but much drier. The game is scheduled to resume at 8:37pm. So, if you are not a fan of watching 9 innings of baseball never fear it's only 3 and a half innings to decide the winner. Either we have a new champion or we return to Tampa Bay for game 6 and, oh yeah, a dome!

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