Monday, February 09, 2009

La Nina through Spring

In making long range seasonal forecasts, one of the big factors meteorologists and climatologists look at is the El Nino/Southern Oscillation. That is the interaction between atmospheric patterns and the water temperature of portions of the Pacific Ocean. Most every one knows this as El Nino and La Nina. El Nino and La Nina can impact weather patterns across the globe.

Last week, the Climate Prediction Center forecast La Nina conditions to continue into spring. We cannot say La Nina will bring a specific type of weather, but in general, it can impact weather patterns here in North Carolina. According to research at North Carolina State University and the State Climate Office of North Carolina, there appears to be a trend for more tornadoes during La Nina events.

Read more about La Nina's impacts on North Carolina weather and the following links from the State Climate Office of North Carolina:

Plus, read more about the Climate Prediction Center's Forecast and exactly what La Nina means:

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