Thursday, June 18, 2009

The heat is on !

Hot and humid conditions are expected Friday and Saturday. Temperatures are likely to top out in the mid to upper 90s, and when combined with high humidity, will produce heat index ('what it feels like') values in the upper 90s to near 100-degrees.
People across North Carolina should take precautions to protect themselves, their animals and their neighbors from the heat. This includes staying in / providing a well-ventilated shady area or in air conditioning as much as possible. Drink or provide extra water , and minimize outdoor activities in the afternoon and early evening when temperatures will be hottest.

The ASPCA and other sites have provided information especially for your pets.. available at this link:

I have also provided a 'hot weather' search link with the NC State University Cooperative extension Service. You can find a lot of useful information through your state cooperative extension offices. Here's the NC State link:

..and here is a link to the Cooperative Extension Service site for the can click on your state and find information for your specific area:

We'll be monitoring for the chance of strong to severe weather tonight and will provide the latest information on forecasted temperatures throughout Father's Day weekend. Tune in to News 14 Carolina and to


Mario Grigni said...

For the last 3 days (june 16, 17, 18)I have been testing the time lapse feature of my camera, looking at the weather from my window during daylight. Since we had rain, fog, haze and generally cloudy weather I was not expecting much, but I was surprised by the wild goings on in the sky when accelerated 900 times.
If you are interested I have posted compressed versions of the videos on YouTube under the name cooliewhite.
The heavy rain during the morning of the 17th produced a strange strobing effect.

Lee Ringer said...

Thanks for sharing, Mario! Great video. Here's the direct link if anyone is interested in checking it out....