Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ways to follow Haiti Disaster

Like many of you, I cannot get myself away from the images of the devastation of whats happened in haiti. CNN (and I'm guessing there are many other outlets as well) has been doing continuous coverage and of course there's the question of who is on the ground there away from the network cameras tweeting about this, doing citizen blogging, etc.

There is a twitter / CNN page in case you wanted to find a centralized location :

There are also updates through the US State Department, especially useful for those who have concerns there:

If you want to find a way to donate to help the rescue/recovery efforts, beware of many organizations popping up right now who will gladly take your money and never pass it along to those in need. It always bears repeating that you should use trusted agencies, like the us military, the U.N and the American Red Cross. I've included the Red cross site here:

Of course, stay tuned to News 14 carolina for updates on this disaster.

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