Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chilly February!

As we entered into the month of February nearly two weeks ago we commented on many broadcasts that most of this month was shaping to up to be rather chilly. So far that has been the case for Central and Eastern NC. The warmest day we've had was a balmy 51 on the 3rd at RDU. This prolonged cold snap has been a dominate feature for not only us, but a large part of the Eastern U.S. Snow has been recorded in just about every community in North Carolina at some point this winter! Just last week the Deep South had snow in places like Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. A lot of viewers have been asking if this chilly trend will continue throughout the rest of the month? While long range forecasting can be difficult, it's looking like the second half of February is going to remain below average temperature wise.

The good news is after Monday's expected rain we should see a long stretch of dry weather for the Tar Heel State. One computer model wants to bring a weak system through on or around the 21st. This same model is picking up on what appears to be a potent storm around the 26th. Even though we're counting down the days to the start of spring, it's not time to put away the coats and gloves just yet.

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