Friday, December 10, 2010

Another Arctic Blast

Another Arctic blast is on the way for early next week. Temperatures will be just as cold if not somewhat colder than early this week. Most of our area only had highs in the 30s through the first half of this week. Record low maximum temperatures were set a couple days, and more records could be in jeopardy next week. This cold blast will be ushered in by a cold front moving across North Carolina Sunday.

Rain will be possible ahead of the front, but it appears any precipitation will be gone by the time the cold air arrives. Winter precipitation is not forecast in our area at this time. However, snow is expected in the North Carolina mountains Sunday and may continue Monday. Strong winds will create near blizzard conditions by Monday morning in the high elevations of the mountains!

Windy conditions are expected in our part of North Carolina as well for Monday through Tuesday. Single digit wind chills are possible here Monday night and Tuesday morning.

After this very cold start to December, it is interesting to note that the long range forecast for January through March still calls for above average temperatures across much of the south. Even though we've had such a cold December, it is possible we may end up with a mild winter. More on that to come...


Nick said...

I like the blog!! But what happened between Nov 30 and Dec 10? No weather? haha

Lee Ringer said...

Hi Nick, thanks for visiting our blog! We typically update our blog during big weather events. Due to staffing levels during holidays, there may be gaps between dates at times on the blog. You can always find an updated forecast at From time to time, we provide more in-depth discussions on the blog.