Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hurricane Awareness Week this week in NC

A Good Sunday to you

Our weather is on the calm side so I thought I'd make you aware of Hurricane Awareness Week which starts today in NC.

(Photo courtesy of National Weather Service, Corpus Christi, TX.)

The Weather on the Ones forecast team will inform you throughout the week about hurricanes, their impact on our state and how you can stay safe during this season.

The Atlantic Basin Hurricane season begins June 1st and runs through November 30th.

Names for tropical systems are rotated every 6 years, with deadly or psrticularly costly storms retired by the World Meteorological Association. Names for this year are:

Arthur ,Bertha ,Cristobal ,Dolly ,Edouard ,Fay ,
Gustav , Hanna ,Ike ,Josephine, Kyle, Laura, Marco, Nana ,Omar ,Paloma ,Rene ,Sally, Teddy ,
Vicky & Wilfred

If you grew up in North Carolina a number of hurricanes probably come to mind that caused damage or took lives. Three in particular on record that have a place in our state's hurricane history are Fran, Hazel and Floyd.

Hazel crossed our state in 1954. The storm was a category 4 with winds of 144 mph . Hazel caused over $1 billion in damage (2008 USD) and 19 deaths. Hazel was the costliest and deadliest hurricane to hit our state until Floyd in 1999.

Floyd became the costliest and deadliest , causing 35 fatalities and record–breaking flooding in the eastern portion of the state .NC hurricane records ranked Fran (a 1996 season hurricane) the next costliest after Floyd. Fran was most damaging to the barrier islands on the our coastline. At least six people were killed in the Carolinas. Most of them were from auto accidents. In NC 1.3 million people were left without power

The National Weather Service has put together information on their website to keep you up to date on these powerful storms. You can see this on their website at:

Have a safe weekend.

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