Thursday, June 12, 2008

Additional Information about our Smoky Situation

The NC Division of Air Quality has issued new information about the smoke which has drifted westward into more of our viewing area.

In a release published this afternoon:

"Current air quality conditions have been caused by smoke from the EvansRoad fire in Hyde County (near Lake Mattamuskeet). Currently, the smoke has filtered as far west as the Triad region, and cloud push furtherwest as the day progresses.
In anticipation of the smoke plume intrusion, Code Orange forecasts forParticle pollution were issued for the Triad, Triangle, and Fayettevilleregions, with a special notice for the Rocky Mount area.
.... As with ozone, particle pollution posses a health risk to youngchildren, active adults, and people with lung disease such as asthma andemphysema. Particle pollution also carries a health risk for people withheart diseases such as coronary artery disease and congestive heartfailure, as these small particles can reach deep into the lungs and canthen be absorbed into the blood stream. During this Code Orange eventchildren, active people, and those with respiratory or heart diseaseshould limit outdoor activity."

You can get current pollutant levels from NCDAQ at the following web sites:By region: pollutant: county/site: information on particle pollution and its health effect canbe found at:NC DAQ FAQ Page:’s “Particle Pollution and Your Health” Brochure:

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