Sunday, June 08, 2008

More record-breaking heat on the way

As you saw in our Weather on the Ones post on Saturday, a number of records for daytime highs were set in NC. We also saw some record overnight lows tied or exceeded.
This morning the overnight low of 73 at RDU International tied the record set for this date from just a year ago. Unless the tempreature drops below 73 sometime before midnight, this will go in the books as a tie.
In Greensboro, the record high minimum temperature at PTI airport was set this morning at 73 degrees. Unless the temperature falls below 73 later today, this will replace the record high minimum for june 8th of 72 degrees set last year.

A heat advisory is in effect once again for our area. The combined relative humidity and triple-digit temperatures are expected to produce a heat index (a "feels-like" temperature) of 105-110 degrees. Thats pretty dangerous heat, so please take things slowly once again today, take frequent breaks, drink LOTS of water (and maybe include something to replenish those electrolytes as well) and try to limit your outside activities to either before 10 am or after 6 pm.
Also please take time to check in on your pets and neighbors, as the elderly are easily overlooked in these conditions.
If its not the heat keeping you mindful of your time outdoors, its the ozone levels. The Triangle region is at a code orange which means its unhealthy for sensitive groups. It is a code yellow for the Sandhills.

I put this link on the blogger page as part of an earlier post , but it bears repeating. The National Weather Service put together a list of resources and information for you geared especially toward staying safe in this kind of heat. You can see this by following this link:

Take it easy, keep cool, and have a good Sunday!
Pati Darak

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