Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav Powerful Category 4!

Major Hurricane Gustav continues to defy original thought and gains strength in the Gulf of Mexico. When Gustav originally developed many through this storm would reach Category 3 and flat line, but Saturday afternoon Gustav was just 5mph away from becoming the first Category 5 of the 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Infrared Satellite imagery shows a deep low with a clearly defined center of circulation. The eye wall passed over Western Cuba late Saturday evening and emerged in the Gulf relatively unscathed. I believe we'll see Gustav become a Category 5 at some point on Sunday before slowly weakening some before a catastrophic collision with the Gulf Coast. Right now Louisiana appears to be vulnerable to Gustav and residents of The Pelican State are on edge. Evacuations have been ordered in New Orleans as the city is attempting to prevent scenes similar to those just three years ago when Katrina made landfall. Eerily enough the third anniversary of Katrina's landfall was Friday, August 29. Now, we're on the verge of another dangerous and destructive hurricane striking anywhere from Biloxi, Mississippi to Lake Charles, Louisiana during the day Monday.

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