Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hanna -- Early Wednesday Morning Update

Hanna is a little weaker this morning compared to early Tuesday morning. That is due to wind shear that has been over the storm since yesterday. The 5am advisory from the National Hurricane Center (NHC) has Hanna drifting to the north at 2mph. We expect that north and eventually a northwestward movement to pick up later today. That will take the storm into an area that is more favorable for development. Hanna is expected to become a hurricane again tomorrow.

The latest forecast track shown above from the NHC has the center of Hanna coming inland late Friday along the South Carolina coast. However, you notice the shaded area or "cone of uncertainty" includes much of the North Carolina coast. Several computer models, shown below in a graphic from Colorado State University, have shifted the track to the east bringing landfall closer to the South Carolina and North Carolina border.
We will likely continue to see some shifts in the forecast track over the coming days. Keep in mind track forecasting and intensity forecasting even a few days out remains very difficult when it comes to tropical systems. You'll want to stay up to date with the very latest information over the next couple of days. Count on News 14 Carolina for the most updates every 10 minutes with Weather on the Ones.

If you have questions about Hanna, you can e-mail us at We'll try to answer your questions as time allows here on our blog.

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