Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tropical Update -- Tuesday Morning

Gustav, Hanna, Ike, and soon to be Josephine.... open a spreadsheet, there's a lot to keep track of in the tropics today!

Gustav seen above in a radar grab from earlier this morning continues to weaken, but is still spreading heavy rain over Louisiana and parts of Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

Closer to home, our attention must turn to Hanna. Early this morning Hanna was a hurricane, but the storm has encountered some wind shear and has weakened to a Tropical Storm. The storm will likely become a hurricane again over the next couple of days. In fact, as the storm accelerates toward the southeast coast later in the week, it is forecast to strengthen to a category 2 hurricane.
Hanna will approach the Carolina coast Friday. It will have to track across the warm waters of the Gulf stream where it could continue to strengthen. It is possible for Hanna to be stronger than a category 2 storm at landfall. Intensity forecast for tropical systems is extremely difficult. Expect changes in the forecast over the coming days. We'll be sure to stay on top of the latest weather data to keep you informed.

The track forecast may shift some as well. The forecast update early this morning from the National Hurricane Center has Hanna coming inland along the South Carolina coast near Charleston. However, all of the North Carolina coast and the Georgia coast remain in the cone of uncertainty.

Even if Hanna come inland along the South Carolina coast, we'll feel a big impact from the storm here in North Carolina. The storm will pick up forward speed at landfall meaning the area of hurricane and tropical storm force winds could make it pretty far inland. The other threat right along the track of the storm and to the east will be the possibility for heavy rains and tornadoes. These weather threats are possible in central and eastern North Carolina Friday, Friday night, and early Saturday morning. The forecast is of course subject to change depending on the exact track and timing of Hanna. Stay with News 14 Carolina for Weather on the Ones updates.

Elsewhere, you'll also want to stay up to date with Tropical Storm Ike that is forecast to become a hurricane later in the week as it tracks to the west.....

and newly formed Tropical Depression #10 that could soon become Tropical Storm Josephine...

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