Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Added Thoughts....

Great blog post from Lee Ringer earlier this morning alerting us to a wetter and COLDER period as we head toward the weekend! I wanted to post some images to show how much rain is possible as well as how cool it may be by Friday. I agree that it's going to look and feel a lot like winter time around here Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in Central and Eastern North Carolina.

What you're seeing here is possible rainfall totals from Wednesday through Friday. There's a good bet the Deep South is looking at another round of flooding from Central Georgia into Northern Mississippi. Specifically for North Carolina the Sandhills to the Coast is in line for the heaviest rain and may receive upwards to an inch or two before weeks end. This will go a long way in denting the drought for the state.

This secondary map gives an indication of afternoon readings we can expect through the second half of the week especially for Friday. If you look at RDU it shows a high in the mid to upper 40s! The last time RDU recorded afternoon highs in the 40s was March 25th of this year. It may not be until early next week before highs return to the low 70s.

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