Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Afternoon Update

No real surprises have taken place today across Central and Eastern North Carolina. We've been talking about a wetter and colder than average stretch of days beginning today through the end of the week. So far, that's on track.

I would agree it's a shock to the system to go from wearing shorts and t-shirts to sweaters and coats in as little as 24 hours! Rainfall totals have been light with RDU International showing 0.06" and Fayetteville with 0.07" since Wednesday morning. These totals will move higher as we go through the next several days, but I think we'll avoid any major flooding concerns.

Here are a couple of interesting images I've gathered...

This is an overall look at what's happening at the surface. Winds are blowing out of the Northeast dropping temperatures into the upper 40s from the Triangle north and low 50s in the Sandhills! The cold air wedge has returned to the region and will persist tonight into tomorrow before weakening by Friday. Now, I'm not saying we'll be done with the rain, but temperatures should rebound just a little bit by the end of the week.

This second image is from the visible satellite of the Carolinas. What we're seeing is exactly what you and I are looking at, just from opposite sides. On the ground we're looking at the belly of a thick blanket of clouds with showers, but from up top we see just how much real estate is being consumed by clouds this Wednesday.

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