Monday, July 18, 2011

Tracking Bret

Tropical Storm Bret developed this weekend near the Bahamas, but it is not expected to be a threat to the east coast. The storm will track off the Carolina coast through Wednesday when it should take a more easterly turn. This will take the storm into the cooler waters of the northern Atlantic where Bret will weaken late in the week.

At this point, coastal North Carolina could use the soaking rains from a weak tropical system to help alleviate extreme drought conditions. Unfortunately, Bret will stay far enough offshore that no rain is expected from the storm along the coast. The storm will kick up rough surf and create dangerous rip currents for beach goers through midweek.

For the latest forecast on Bret and more on the tropics, be sure to tune in for our tropical updates at :21 after the hour.

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