Thursday, February 22, 2007

Warm and Breezy Thursday

Temperatures have soared to near 70 early this afternoon, and the record high for today of 71 at RDU could be in jeopardy. That record high was set in 1955. Breezy conditions may make it tough to enjoy the nice weather at times today. Winds will pick up through the day with sustained winds at 15 to 25mph possible. It is not out of the question to have wind gusts up to 40mph in some spots.

Today's windy weather is created by a couple of factors. An area of low pressure is strengthening off the coast of New Jersey. The tightening of the pressure gradient, or the big change in pressure over a small area, created by that strengthening low makes for a windy day. Combine that with a front moving through North Carolina this afternoon and that and that explains why some spots may see those gusts up to 40mph.

Don't get too used to temperatures in the 70s. The front moving through today will bring cooler air to the state this evening. Lows will drop to the 30s tonight with highs in the 50s for Friday.

Temperatures will warm some by the second half of the weekend ahead of our next storm system. That will produce rain for central and eastern North Carolina by Sunday afternoon and evening. In fact, the Storm Prediction Center ( is watching the region for the possibility for thunderstorms on Sunday --

We'll continue to fine tune the forecast as needed into the weekend. Stay with News 14 Carolina for Weather on the Ones updates every 10 minutes.

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