Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Andrea update -- Wednesday evening

It's May 9th and we have the first named storm of the year. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that I hope this isn't a sign for a busy hurricane season ahead. The Atlantic season officially doesn't start until June 1. It's not unheard of to have a named storm in May, but it is a little unusual.

As I mentioned earlier, Andrea is a subtropical storm because it slowly gained some tropical characteristics over the next few days. The storm isn't packing much of a punch and shouldn't cause to many problems as it slowly moves toward the northern coast of Florida.

Andrea did bring additional moisture into North Carolina Wednesday afternoon. When that increase in humidity was combined with daytime heating, afternoon thunderstorms fired up. A few of those became strong prompting a few severe thunderstorm warnings in our area. We did have one report from a trained storm spotter of penny sized hail in Gorman just east of Durham. A News 14 Carolina viewer also reported pea sized hail in Fayetteville.

Those showers and storms are dying down Wednesday evening as we lose the daytime heating. We'll keep a close eye on Andrea, but don't expect too many problems with the exception of dangerous rip currents off the coast including off our coast in North Carolina.

The low pressure that eventually developed intro Andrea has battered our coast the last few days with those rip currents and high surf. Here are a few pictures News 14 Carolina viewers Thomas and Melissa Collins of Goldsboro e-mailed me from their trip earlier this week along the Outer Banks.

If you ever have any weather photos to share with us, feel free to e-mail us at anytime!

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