Saturday, May 05, 2007

Interesting Weather Feature for Early Next Week

A disturbance moving across North Carolina bringing spotty showers to our area Saturday night will aid in the development of an interesting weather feature that could impact our weather next week. Several computer models now show low pressure forming off the Carolina coast Sunday and then forecast that low to "deepen", or intensify.

As the low intensifies, some of the models now bring the storm back toward the Carolina coast. That would keep rainy and windy weather in the forecast for the coast through the first half of the week.

Here's a look at some of the models. The first is from the NAM model forecast for Monday afternoon, and the second is a closer view to the Carolinas on Tuesday morning from a model run by the North Carolina State Climate office (

For our area of North Carolina, this low will bring windy weather for at least Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday when we expect northeast winds at about 15-25mph. Higher gusts can be expected closer to the coast. If the storm comes even closer, we'll have to add rain to our forecast. This is certainly something we'll be watching as updated weather data comes into the forecast center through the rest of the weekend and early next week.

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