Friday, February 22, 2008

A cold and Rainy End to the Work Week

What a chilly, damp start to our Friday! Moisture from the south moved in over prevailing cold dry air, which caused some areas to have a mix or freezing rain into Friday morning. If any accumulation occurred (and some reports were for a little ice in trees , we'll pass along any other reports as we get them, please feel free to send in yours to it happened on elevated surfaces since our ground temperatures were in the 40s.

Some preliminary rain amounts:
Charlotte: .30"
New Bern: .67"
Fayetteville: .60"
Wilmington: 1.14"
Lumberton: .64"
RDU: .23"
Wilson: .30"
Roanoke Rapids: .20"
The storm systems come together off the coast later tonight and continue to pull to the north and east, we'll still see a boundary over southern NC which could keep come clouds around into the first part of the weekend, especially along the coast where there could even be a chance for showers here and there.

Temperatures look mild for saturday (average highs for mid February are mid 50s, and we have forecast high of the lower to middle 60s), but are expected to return to the 50s for Sunday.
(photo below courtesy of National Severe Storms Laboratory, NOAA photo library)
If you came to this blog page after viewing our Weather on the Ones Video blog, I asked what kind of clouds this is. Did you guess Mammatus cloud? You'd be right!
For more about this type of cloud, check this description:
Its that time of year for folks who love the weather....8its time for Skywarn storm spotter training from the National Weather Service. Here's the link for more information :
Have a good weekend!
Pati Darak, News 14 Carolina

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