Saturday, February 09, 2008

No Rain, higher winds bring fire danger to NC

After a week off, I'm eager to post again on the weather on the Ones blog. I sing with the choral Society of Durham and we had a concert last week that included students from Durham high schools. Great voices and a wonderful experience. I'll include the link to that group later in the blog in case you would like to read more about us.

What beautiful weather across North Carolina! Its a little breezy at times, but its to be expected since we do have a cold front crossing over NC. Didn't notice it? I don't blame you, as we don't have clouds or rainfall associated with it. Just a bit of a wind shift and thats it.
One danger we have this weekend is fron our dry conditions paired with increasing winds. It will create a higher fire danger across the state throughout the weekend, especially Sunday. If you had plans for some outdoor burning or anything that would pose a potential fire threat, its highly discouraged this weekend so keep it on the "honey-do list" for another weekend.

This is Sunday's surface map. A second cold front will come across our state for the second half of the weekend. We are expecting higher winds Sunday (sustained winds from the west of about 15-25 mph with gusts that could reach about 40 mph) and that in combination with very low relative humidities and dry leaves, timber and other debris on the ground which will increase our fire danger threat even more. As of this posting, the National Weather Service has posted a Fire Weather Watch for Sunday for high wildfire threat.

Here's Monday's map and it has High pressure making its way to the East coast. Its ushering in cooler air that will keep our temperatures closer to 50-degrees, but that will be short lived.
Another storm system is expected to reach us by mid week, possibly bring about an inch of rain (but since its still too early to tell for sure, stay with us for updates about if/when/and how much rain could come our way).
If you joined us for our weather on the ones video blog, you heard me say that Skywarn Weather Spotter training is coming up once again for North Carolina. This past week we heard about the devastating storms which hit neighborhoods in the Tennessee Valley. If you'd like to learn more about how thunderstorms form and how you could be helpful to weather forcasters by giving storm reports, please check out this link:
This is another link for more classes:
If you have any difficulty in getting these links, please let me know. My email is
Last thing, I did say that I'd include a link for Choral Society of Durham. This is an awesome group and worth checking out!
Have a great Saturday.
Pati Darak,
Meteorologist, News 14 Carolina

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