Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Quiet Weather for Now....

In yesterday's blog post, I mentioned how we can often see big swings in March weather. Just one example of that is the large range between our record highs and lows for March 12 at RDU. The record high for this date is 90 set in 1990. The record low is 18 set in 1969.

While we don't expect to see a big swing in our temperatures over the next several days, we could see a change from the current quiet weather pattern to a chance for strong storms by the weekend. There is still some uncertainty to exactly how things will play out for Saturday, but some computer models are showing a very unstable atmosphere over North Carolina Saturday afternoon. If that does unfold, it could lead to very strong thunderstorms developing over our region.

The Storm Prediction Center has already outlined much of the Carolinas for the possibility of severe weather on Saturday --

The forecast should become a little more certain to the chance for storms as the weekend draws near, so be sure to stay tuned to News 14 Carolina for the latest updates over the coming days. In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful early spring like weather.... 70s are in the forecast for Thursday and Friday!

For more on Saturday's storm threat, check out this morning's video blog update posted below.

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