Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tuesday's Storm Reports

Powerful thunderstorms caused numerous reports of wind damage across the Carolinas Tuesday night. Most of the reports came in the form of downed trees and powerlines. Here's a look at some of those reports passed along by the National Weather Service in our area from Tuesday evening --

  • 6:00pm -- 3 trees reported down on NC Highway 57 near Caldwell in Orange County.
  • 9:30pm -- Trees reported down on North Moore Rd. near North Moore High School in Moore County.
  • 9:50pm -- Numerous trees reported down near Chapel Hill east to the Durham County line.
  • 9:57pm -- Report of dime sized hail and 60mph wind gusts near Durham.
  • 10:05pm -- 60mph wind gust reported near Seven Lakes in Moore County.
  • 10:09pm -- 50mph wind gust reported near Laurinburg.
  • 10:15pm -- Trees reported down around Laurinburg.
  • 10:18pm -- Trees down on Pea Ridge Road in Pittsboro.
  • 10:25pm -- Trees down around Raeford.
  • 10:30pm -- Tree reported down on a mobile home 5 miles northeast of Rockfish in Cumberland County. Other downed trees reported across Cumberland County.
  • 10:35pm -- Powerlines down and a tree reported down on a tractor trailer in the Laurel Hill area of Scottland County.
  • 10:54pm -- Tree down across Ponderosa Road near Bret Road in Harnett County.
  • 10:56pm -- 43mph wind gust recorded at the Fayetteville Regional Airport.
  • 11:03pm -- 46mph wind gust recorded at Erwin in Harnett County.
  • 11:05pm -- 48mph wind gust recorded at the Raleigh-Durham Airport.
  • 11:11pm -- 59mph wind gust recorded at Pope Air Force Base.
  • 11:15pm -- 59mph wind gust reported near Clayton.
  • 11:25pm -- Widespread power outages reported around Garner.
  • 11:25pm -- Trees reported down on New Bern Avenue in Raleigh.
  • 11:30pm -- Tree reported through a home in Clayton.
  • 11:35pm -- Trees reported down around Smithfield.
  • 11:35pm -- Trees reported down on PG Pearce Road near Bunn in Franklin County.
  • 12:00am -- Trees down on Genoa Road near Peacan Road in Wayne County.
  • 12:10am -- 57mph wind gust recorded at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base.

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