Saturday, March 15, 2008

Confirmed EF2 tornado hits Atlanta, storms expected across NC today

Severe storms possible across NC later today. **Storm Prediction Center has upgraded portions of NC into a Moderate Risk for strong to severe storms later today (as of 1pm)** More about this in your Weather on the Ones Video Blog...

As if Atlanta needed more in overtime at the Georgia Dome, folks in town for conventions, and then the roar of a tornado.

The national Weather Service has verified the damage and confirmed that an EF2 tornado with top winds estimated at 130 mph came through downtown Atlanta Friday evening, causing heavy damage to the Georgia Dome, nearby hotels and attractions, even the CNN center. It also damaged many homes . The last weekend of meteorological winter is turning out to be far too much like Spring for our friends to the South.

Its been a very warm week in North Carolina. While not record highs, we have had a number of days in the 70s. The warm weather will take a spring break of its own for a day or two as a system moving eastward through the Southeast and Tennessee Valley will bring cooler air in on Sunday, but first it will trigger a round of strong to severe storms to NC. The Storm Prediction Center (as of 10 am Saturday) has most of NC in a slight risk for storms which could produce damaging winds, large hail and isolated tornadoes.

Timing for this appears to be for later this afternoon into the evening hours for Central NC, a little later as you progress eastward toward I-95 and the coast.

Your Weather on the Ones video blog has a discussion about our risk for this afternoon through overnight tonight.

On Sunday we'll see temperatures closer to 50 but we'll also have some sunshine. It'll be on the breezy side with northerly winds of about 10-20mph.

The work week starts out with sunshine but we do have another chance for storms Wednesday.

Be sure to stay with the Weather on the Ones team as we get into these storms later today, and after the storm passes, we'd appreciate your storm reports and even your pictures if you've seen damage. You can send your information to us at . Be sure to include your city and county information in your report.

Have a good Saturday

Pati Darak

Weather on the Ones Meteorologist,

News 14 Carolina

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