Monday, April 07, 2008

April Showers

Rain so far this month has been a big help to our drought. The City of Raleigh will announce this morning that it will ease up on some of the current water restrictions currently in place because of the recent rains. Here's a look at rainfall totals for the month of April from around the state:
  • Fayetteville: 3.64"
  • Greensboro: 2.12"
  • Charlotte: 1.58"
  • Asheville: 1.43"
  • Wilmington: 1.34"
  • Raleigh: 1.31"

The recent rain surplus does not mean the drought is totally over. If you go back January 2007, we are still just a little over 8 inches behind. However, for 2008 we are now less than an inch behind in rain. With most of our lakes filling up, the drought news is much better!

Here are some of the drought headlines today from --

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