Sunday, April 13, 2008

Put the Umbrella by the door, chance of sprinkles Monday

Our weather video today features photos by our viewers of saturday's severe weather.

A confirmed EF-0 tornado passed through Wayne county yesterday afternoon, and golfball sized hail came from that same storm just about a half hour earlier over Johnston county.

The cold front which passed later Saturday is responsible for some westerly breezes and cooler weather today. We may see some late afternoon clouds and maybe a sprinkle, but a better chance of precipitation will come Monday as an upper level low passes over the east coast.

Monday will start out chilly with temps near 40 and some sunshine, but those clouds will come in by afternoon, and showers are expected into the afternoon and evening.

By the way, you might hear of the possibility of patchy frost to our west this week, which makes one think : when is it okay to put the plants outside? Most veteran Carolinian gardeners have it in their bones, but for those who are either new to the area or just cannot remember, here's a helpful map from the National Weather Service of when our last Hard Freeze (not frost) traditionally occurs for the Spring across NC. If you want to get a better copy, here's the link to the NWS:

As far as the rest of our forecast, Conditions improve by midweek with high pressure and sunshine.

Have a great Sunday!

Pati Darak

News14 Carolina

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