Thursday, July 03, 2008

Drought severity increases for Triangle, Sandhills areas

The U.S. Drought Monitor map has been updated for this week. The Triangle and Sandhills areas have been moved into the "severe" drought category, which is a category higher in drought intensity than it was last week. The Goldsboro / Wilson areas remain in a "moderate" drought level for yet another week.
The "severe" intensity level had the largest increase this week as there are now 61.9 counties at that level in North Carolina. Last week 48.6 counties were classified as severe .
For yet another week the highest level of drought , "exceptional" drought, has existed in the southwest portion of our state. Just over 6 counties are in the highest drought classification. At the start of our 2008 calendar year we had 51 counties in that classification. One year ago on this date we had no counties in the exceptional drought status, 3 counties in extreme drought, 10 counties in severe drought and 53 counties in moderate drought.

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