Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Stormy Forecast to End the Holiday Weekend

(photos courtesy Adam Azman)
Storm Damage from july 4th in Chapel Hill and Heavy Rain as it pours Saturday off the roof and outside a window in Durham near MLK and Fayetteville road.
First of all, a huge thank you to all of our viewers who took time out of their holiday weekend to mail us either photos or storm reports. Its one thing to see a storm on radar but it is another thing to get verification from our viewers about what is happening (or in some cases in severe weather, what happened after the storm passed). Please remember that if a storms is occuring in your area, your safety comes first; a picture can wait, a report can wait.
We have another possibility of storms this Sunday afternoon as we bring our holiday weekend to a close. Storms this afternoon and evening could again contain fewquent lightning, torrential downpours and gusty winds. There is also a possibilty for small hail, but our main threats will be the rain, lightning and wind today.
We also have the Tropics In our sights. Tropical Storm Bertha has a track (for now) toward the SE United States. The current forecast track is below but please also note that there is a wide margin of error (the "cone" area surrounding the main forecast track) which means that the storm track could move anywhere in time along that curve. Bertha is expected to reach hurricane strength by early next week and could either curve to the north over time or maintain a more southerly track. Either way, Your Weather on the Ones forecast team will keep you posted on the storm's progress.

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