Monday, December 29, 2008

Record Highs Sunday!

Sunshine prevailed Sunday and temperatures were able to climb to levels that either tied or broke records. Raleigh-Durham International recorded a high of 74 degrees, tying a record set 20 years earlier. Wilmington reached afternoon highs of 76 which also tied a record. The last time it got that warm on December 28th was in 1971.
North Myrtle Beach saw a new record high! 70 was the high yesterday, breaking the old record of 68 from 1954. Finally, New Bern reached a new record high on Sunday just after 2pm of 77-degrees. That broke the old record of 76 that had been in the books since 1971.
Temperatures this week will not reach record levels as we'll have a series of cold fronts cross over NC. We'll also have a change in our upper-level jet stream pattern ..that also has an effect on our temperatures. We had an upper-level ridge pattern over the SE United States which meant mild temperatures for us. This week we're dominated by a more zonal flow which is a west-to-east flow. That generally means temps that are closer to normal (our normal highs for the end of December are lower 50s for the Triangle region, mid to upper-50s along the coast). We'll get a shot of cold air as we get into the new year! Check out your Weather on the Ones Forecast at

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