Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Strong to Severe Storms Possible...

A Flash Flood Watch is en effect for much of the News 14 Carolina viewing area this evening and much of Thursday.

Flash Flood Watch Link

Severe storm threat ramps up dramatically overnight tonight and into Thursday as an area of low pressure heads towards the Carolinas. Instability, low level winds, and many parameters are coming together to allow for a 1-2 punch of severe storms. I'm concerned the first threat will come from strong storms moving on-shore that would impact the Coast and Coastal Plain. The second threat will come from a line of storms crossing the entire viewing area ahead of a cold front. It's safe to say I'd check in with the Weather on the Ones Forecast Center tonight before heading to bed and maybe leaving the weather radio on overnight tonight.

Day 1 Outlook

Day 2 Outlook

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