Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cold for the End of the Week, But Not Record Cold

For a while now, we've been talking about the frigid temperatures that are on the way for the end of the week. It certainly will be much colder than normal. Average highs for this time of the year run int he upper 40s with lows in the upper 20s around the Triangle. We are expecting lows Friday and Saturday mornings to drop to the teens. Afternoon temperatures on Friday should only reach the 20s to near 30.

Now, all of that is certain quite cold, but it will not set any records. Here are how the record lows stand for the rest of the week...
  • Wednesday (January 14): 12 in 1969
  • Thursday (January 15): 9 in in 1994
  • Friday (January 16): 3 in 1994
  • Saturday (January 17): -1 in 1977
  • Sunday (January 18): 3 in 1977

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