Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Storm 2009!

If you were watching News 14 Carolina last weekend you heard me mention there was going to be a HUGE winter storm for the Ohio, Mid-Mississippi, and Red River Vally's on the way this week. Sure enough the nightmare scenario came true for residents from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Southern Missouri and Kentucky.

The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky is reporting as many as 205,000 people in The River City are without power. Some residents may be without electricity for the next 10 days! At the moment, this same paper is reporting to its readers this storm has caused the second worst power outage in Kentucky state history. Want to know the seriousness of this ice storm? My Mom sent me a picture message from her cell phone that drives home this point (top of page). It shows a 15-20 foot tall tree that's fallen over on the drive way- crushing the fence to my childhood home! If you look closely you can see the basketball goal where I would shoot hoops. This is the same goal I used to imagine that I was a member of the Kentucky basketball squad playing against a Roy Williams coached Kansas team! That's how long it's been since I shot a basket on this hoop. Nostalgia aside, this is a terrible storm that's going to take weeks to dig out from.

Be sure to tune in to the Weather on the Ones Forecast Center on Thursday as we talk about a potentially tricky situation early next week.

So, what are some of the snow and ice totals from Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky? Here's the list from 7pm Wednesday evening. Snow is listed first, followed by ice accretion- both in inches.

LOUISVILLE METRO...     4.5 TO 6 INCHES      0.5 TO 0.75 INCH.

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