Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Severe Weather Reports from Tuesday

Here's a look at reports of severe weather in the News 14 Carolina viewing area Tuesday afternoon --

  • 3:28pm - Tornado reported by a fire department are rescue squad near Warsaw in Duplin County.
  • 3:34pm - Tornado reported by the public at the Kenansville Airstrip in Duplin County.
  • 3:48pm - Funnel cloud reported by a trained spotter east of Goldsboro in Wayne County.
  • 3:55pm - Funnel cloud reported by a trained spotter east of Coats Crossroads in Johnston County.
  • 4:38pm - Funnel cloud reported by a sheriff deputy over Buckhorn Reservoir in Wilson County.
  • 4:52pm - Tornado with damage reported on Rock Ridge School Road in Wilson County.
  • 4:55pm - Funnel cloud reported by law enforcement on Country Club Drive and NC 58 near Wilson.
  • 5:01pm - Funnel cloud reported by a trained spotter looking north east from I-95 and US 264.
  • 5:25pm - Power lines and trees reported down south of Sims in Wilson County.
  • 5:25pm - Law enforcement report of a tornado on the ground near Highway 102 in Calico in Craven County.
  • 5:38pm - Tornado reported by a trained spotter near Emit in Johnston County.
  • 6:04pm - Penny size hail reported at the Morrisville Town Hall and Fire Department.
  • 6:35pm - Tornado reported by the Cary Fire Department near Highway 1 and Cary Parkway.
  • 6:59pm - Nickel size hail reported near Spring Forest Road and Falls of the Neuse Road.
  • 7:01pm - Funnel cloud reported by Capitol Police near the State Capitol building in downtown Raleigh
  • 7:10pm - Funnel cloud reported near Knightdale.
  • 7:15pm - Report of a motorist stranded in 2-3 feet of water at Atlantic Ave. and Highwoods Blvd. in Raleigh
  • 7:15pm - 1.4" of rain reported in 25 minutes at Highwoods Blvd. and Capitol Blvd. in Raleigh.
  • 7:18pm - Report of a foot of water flowing across Capitol Blvd. and Old Buffaloe Rd.
  • 7:23pm - Quarter size hail reported near Knightdale Blvd. and Village Squire Court near Knightdale
  • 7:25pm - Amateur radio report of a funnel cloud near Highway 64 and Auburn-Knightdale Road.
  • 7:35pm - 1 to 1.5 feet of standing water reported by a trained spotter in the Medfield subdivision in Cary

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