Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday Severe...

A Severe Thunderstorm Watch is in effect for the entire News 14 Carolina viewing area. Heat, humidity, and a sweeping front will combine to make strong to severe storms Friday afternoon and evening.

Thunderstorms developing this afternoon and evening will do so quickly. Storms will contain the potential for heavy rain, dangerous cloud to ground lightning, strong winds, and small hail.

Keep in mind it doesn't take a large storm to produce a widespread area of damage. The northern Wake county cell from Thursday afternoon was only a few miles wide, but was powerful enough to bring down trees and power lines as it slowly marched across the area. I was in the path of this storm and can report an intense burst of wind which made rains horizontal, reduced visibility to zero, snapping many branches and limbs. Now, the National Weather Service will have the final call on what happened, but as I reported on News 14 Carolina it certainly seemed like a downburst or microburst.

So, as you are beginning the holiday weekend be sure to remain aware of the conditions because they can deteriorate in a hurry ahead storms. Once we get past Friday the holiday weekend will be better weather wise, but still warm. You can rely on News 14 Carolina and Weather on the Ones for up to date information. When the sky turns threatening we'll be on the air for you.

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