Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hot Enough for You?

The Memorial Day weekend turned out to be almost perfect in the weather category. The only hickup were the temperatures.

Here's how hot it's been in Raleigh

Friday, May 26: 90
Saturday, May 27: 86
Sunday, May 28 88
Monday, May 29 88

For Fayetteville it wasn't much better

Friday, May 26: 97
Saturday, May 27: 93
Sunday, May 28 90
Monday, May 29 91

We're anticipating a change as we move closer to the weekend. Right now a slow moving cold front is bringing stormy weather to the Upper Midwest and Ohio Valley. This same front will advance our way by Friday increasing our chance for rain and thunderstorms. I think warm and humid conditions will hang around until we can get this front through here. So, hang in there and spend some time by the pool or in the A/C. I think once we get to Saturday and Sunday you will enjoy the results of this passing front.

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