Sunday, May 21, 2006

Rain Chances to Stay South Sunday

You're looking at the 7am Southeastern U.S. Temperature/Dew Point map from the SPC Hourly Analysis website. If you want to check out this neat site click here. This map is helping out with the forecast for Sunday afternoon. You'll notice the green lines in the Deep South which indicate areas of equal moisture. The further south you look the higher the numbers get and the more moisture is available- which in turn can lead to the development to showers and storms.

In Northwestern and Central North Carolina there is an absence of these green lines. Our air is drier here and that's good news for Sunday. There is a lack of moisture as of this morning which will eventually lead to a dry, but sunny and warm afternoon. I expect storms to develop once again in Tennessee and move southeastward. Today, however, I believe these storms will remain south of the Sandhills and cause problems in Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina as this same patch of dry air pushes south into the Sandhills through the afternoon.

Now that we've got the weather covered for Sunday I'm left to think about Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro and his possble life threatening injury at the Preakness Stakes. Okay, so I'm an animal lover and it felt like a punch in the stomach to see this horse pull up seriously hurt. **Background story follows*** It was a little more than two weeks ago when I was standing at the rails of Churchill Downs watching many of the Derby contenders warm up on Thursday before the big day. Of all the horses I saw in morning practice Barbaro looked, worked, and acted like a well trained thoroughbred. Two days later he proved his place in Kentucky as a winner and gained a wave of fans and admirers. **Background story end***. It's just upsetting; this wasn't how the Preakness was supposed to unfold.

Okay, I am stepping back from the track talk and will keep my head in the clouds for the rest of the day. I sure hope you have a nice and pleasant Sunday.

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