Monday, June 12, 2006

Alberto = Good for Florida?

Not even two full weeks into the 2006 Atlantic Basin hurricane season and Alberto is on its way to Florida (by the way, it is an "it" not a "he!" - that is a pet peeve of mine!). While Florida has been ravaged in the past couple of years by a substantial number of storms, this one might be a benefit to the state which has been hit hard by wildfires in 2006.

Just a few examples of rainfall deficits compared to normal thus far in Florida in 2006... Melbourne -6.79", Orlando -8.64", Daytona Beach -10.21". With this slow moving tropical storm expected to drop anywhere from 5 to 10 inches of rainfall on these and other dry areas, while at the same time not intensifying to a hurricane, this may be a net gain for the state. By Wednesday, some of these deficits may be surpluses!

The best news is Alberto looks to move northeasterly out of Florida and be a non-issue in North Carolina, with the exception of some rain along the coast of our state late Wednesday into early Thursday.

Be careful with some of those storms today (which have nothing to do with Alberto, BTW!)!

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