Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Summer Storms for the First Day of Summer

The first day of summer brought stormy weather to parts of central and eastern North Carolina. An impulse in the mid to upper levels of the atmosphere helped to kick off a couple storms around Wake County during the lunch hour. As those storms moved to the southeast, they encountered a very unstable atmosphere thanks to the intense heating. That led to a few strong to severe storms.

Some of the thunderstorms produced winds powerful enough to knock trees and power lines in some neighborhoods. Susan, a News 14 Carolina viewer near Eastover in Cumberland County, sent us these pictures of a tree toppled from the thunderstorm winds.

Here's a listing of storm reports passed along by the National Weather Service on Wednesday --

  • 1:50pm -- Trees down north of Black Creek in Wilson County. Report from law enforcement.
  • 1:50pm -- Law enforcement reported trees down near Clayton in Johnston County.
  • 1:55pm -- Several trees down north of Benson in Johnston County. Report from law enforcement.
  • 2:00pm -- Trees blown down by thunderstorm winds near Fremont in Wayne County. Report from emergency management.
  • 2:20pm -- Trees down near Princeton in Wayne County. Report from law enforcement.
  • 2:38pm -- Law enforcement reported numerous trees and power lines down in and around Goldsboro
  • 2:45pm -- House fires reported by law enforcement in Wayne County. Fire locations include Saulston, Mount Olive, and Patetown
  • 3:35pm -- Power lines down near Eastover in Cumberland County
  • 4:25pm -- Penny size hail reported by law enforcement near Rockfish in Hoke County.
  • 4:50pm -- Trees and power lines down on US Highway 15-501 near Aberdeen in Moore County. Law enforcement also had spotty reports of trees down across Moore County

Hot summer weather will continue for the rest of the week, and at least a few isolated afternoon thunderstorms could go along with that hot weather. Stay tuned to News 14 Carolina. We'll keep you updated with Weather on the Ones!

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