Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Summer Begins Today!

Well, here I am looking at the clock, and it reads 8:26am. The exact time we bid a fond farewell to Spring, which ended on a very strong note in terms of rainfall. It would've been nicer to see it a little more gradual rain than the deluge we had one week ago today with what was left of Tropical Storm Alberto!

The Summer Solstice today marks the northernmost movement of the direct rays of the sun, reaching the Tropic of Cancer at approximately 23 degrees north latitude (roughly the latitude of Havana, Cuba). This marks the day where the sun will shine longer in the Northern Hemisphere than at any other time of the year as well, and within weeks we will begin losing daylight by the minute or two until the shortest day of the year, December 21 - the Winter Solstice.

Enjoy all the sunshine today... and all 15 hours and 36 minutes of visible light in the sky!

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