Saturday, March 03, 2007

Enterprise Storm Survey

A preliminary survey conducted by the National Weather Service in Tallahassee, Florida has determined the Coffee County tornado which leveled the town of Enterprise, Alabama is estimated as a EF3.

Here is what the survey team noted...

*** 9 fatal, 50 inj *** 8 killed in school when concrete wall collapsed in hallway. Football stadium completely destroyed. Cars overturned.

Dowtown hit hard with damage at Dixie Drive and College Street. SR27, SR88, SR134 impassible due to downed utility lines. Tornado path approx. 200 yards wide and 10 miles long. Info based on storm survey by WCM on 3/2/07. Rated EF3 on new enhanced Fujita scale.

If you are unclear why tornadoes are now classified with an EF-scale instead of the previously used F-scale you can learn more about it here. -----> Enhanced Fujita Scale

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