Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Severe Weather Awareness Week: Tornado Drill

School kids all across North Carolina today practiced what they would do if their school was in the path of a tornado. Today's statewide tornado drill took place around 9:15am and was all part of Severe Weather Awareness Week. While our kids now know what to do during a Tornado Warning at school, do you what to do if a Tornado Warning is issued and you were at home?

We've all heard it so may times that it seems almost like common sense -- seek shelter on the lowest floor of your home away from windows. A basement, interior hallway, closet or windowless bathroom are the safest bets. Thanks to public awareness and educational initiatives from the National Weather Service, most of us know those safety rules. However, have you really designated the place in your house where you will go when a Tornado Warning is issued?

Take a few minutes with the family tonight and pick out that place where everyone will go in the event of severe weather. You may only have a few moments warning before the next storm strikes. Wouldn't you rather use those moments actually getting into your designated space instead of wasting precious time figuring out where you will go?

Read more about today's tornado drill and tornado safety by clicking the following link from the National Weather Service --

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