Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Coldest morning of the week!

Good morning!

High pressure, clear skies, dry airmass...all added up to a very cold morning!
temperatures in the 20s were far below normal this morning, but not a record.

Our high will shift eastward today, so winds will come in at a light clip from the south. We're also expecting a few clouds later this afternoon and evening from time to time on the backside of this high. Those clouds may help contribute to us having closer to average temperatures as we wake up tomorrow morning (lower 30s).

Wednesday a weak cold front crosses the state but with our dry atmosphere and nothing steering moisture our way, we will not see any rainfall from this. Our main clue of this front's passage will be some clouds overhead.
Not that everyone will be dry Wednesday; there is also a weak disturbance off our coast ( an inverted trough) that will extend northward from Florida and that might trigger a shower along the coast / outer banks early in the day.

Extreme southern NC may see a chance for a shower Thursday as another low skirts along the Gulf Coast, however, again, the models are keeping the rain associated with that system to the south, so Thursday may just be a cloudy day in the southern Sandhills and southeastern NC.

So, rain? Anytime soon?
We look to the weekend for that. A pretty good storm that hit the West Coast for the first part of our week will pull through the Midwest and rotate over the Great Lakes by Monday. A cold front associated with that is expected to swing through NC Sunday, so there's a chance late saturday and into Sunday for a little rain.

Have a good Tuesday.

Pati Darak,
Weather on the Ones Meteorologist,
News 14 Carolina

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