Monday, December 17, 2007

Winds will subside today, travel weather through Tuesday iffy for Northeast and Northwest U.S.

Good morning!

We have a rather chilly start to the work week, with starting-out temperatures near 30 and wind chills in the 20s. At least winds will subside later today, but a number of people had brief power outages Sunday due to the gusty winds in the area.
Good news is, the storm that brought us the rain over the weekend and the windy weather continues to move northeast. Bad news, if you're travelling to the Northeast over the next couple of days, be prepared for many many delays at the airports for departures and arrivals. Many flights were cancelled or delayed in that area.

If your plans are taking you to the Pacific northwest this week, especially through wednesday, you may also want to check ahead, as a powerful colf front is expected to make its way onshore Tuesday and cause problems from southern Washington state southward to Sacramento.

As for right here at home, expect dry weather for the next few days. We'll see some passing clouds Tuesday, but the weather will remain dry. Our next chance for some showers will be late Thursday.

Have a great day and keep warm!

Pati Darak
Weather on the Ones Meteorologist,
News 14 Carolina

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