Thursday, December 20, 2007

Unsettled weather through the holiday


At this time yesterday, we were talking about a line of showers that crossed the state from morning rush through early afternoon. That weak cold front (with the help of some upper level enhancement) only brought less than one-tenth of an inch to our parched state.
The weekly drought status map will be revised this morning and it may show some improvement as a result of last weekends rain but by no means will it show any significant changes.
We enter a period of some unsettled weather where we will have on-again, off-again changes for a little precipitation. The first chance is Thusrday night as a storm tracks along the gulf coast eastward through Georgia/South Carolina. Much of the rain associated with it will stay to the south and maybe fall also along the NC/SC border. however, its close by, so we cannot rule out the possibilty of some hit-and-miss overnight showers throughout the state through Friday morning.

Next chance for rain is over the weekend. We're watching the forecast maps that are keeping a storm over the Great Lakes area. Its projected to swing a cold front over NC Sunday but there is once again not a lot of moisture set to move in with this. As its still a few days out, we'll continue to monitor this for you.

Tuesday also has a chance of showers, so don't let Santa or his elves move that umbrella on you when they make their visit!

Have a great Thursday.
Pati Darak
Weather on the Ones Meteorologist,
News 14 Carolina

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