Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wild December Weather

There's a lot to talk about when it comes to the weather today from record highs to tropical systems to a crippling ice storm!

I'll start here at home where we set yet another record for the year yesterday. The high temperature reached 81 at RDU. That not only broke Monday's old record of 76 set in 1972, it also set a new all time record high for December. Since records have been kept in the Raleigh area, the warmest December temperature was 80 on December 6 and 7, 1998. Records highs for the date were also set yesterday in Charlotte, Greensboro, Wilmington, and Asheville.

And if you thought the 80s in the Carolinas was unusual for December, take a look at this....

That is Subtropical Storm Olga that developed late Monday night near Puerto Rico. The system should move over Hispanola over the next 24 hours where it will weaken to a subtropical depression.The official hurricane season ended on the last day of November, but its not unheard of to have a weak named storm in December. It is unusual though.

Highs in the 80s and tropical system aren't the usual topic of conversation when it comes to the weather in the December. You may think more of winter weather and ice storms. Well, we've got that to talk about too! Just ask the folks in the Midwest.

A major ice storm has taken its toll on folks from Oklahoma to Kansas to Missouri and now in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan. I read one report this morning that said one of every three people in Oklahoma were without power this morning. Keep in mind Oklahoma isn't the only state affected.

The wintry weather will continue to spread across the Midwest and across the Great Lakes region today while we have another spring like day in the Carolinas. We will likely shatter record highs here today and tomorrow.

The crazy December weather may not be over with by the end of the week.... A couple of computer models are now hinting at a major storm taking shape this weekend for the east coast.

The above map is a forecast for late Saturday night/early Sunday morning from the GFS model. If this storm does develop, it could bring needed rain our way for Saturday, but it could pose a problem if your traveling toward the northeast late Saturday and Sunday. A lot could and probably will change with this potential system. We'll keep you posted...

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