Sunday, January 20, 2008

Very Dry Air Overhead Tonight and Monday

Hello on the very sunny but cold Sunday afternoon!

As in many other things, timing is everything. Our timing for the cold air versus the moisture yesterday led to smaller snowfall amounts than expected. However, we managed to see snowfall amounts on the average of a half inch to an inch in many areas of central North carolina.
As for the rest of the weekend, we have an area of cold dry high pressure overhead which will lead us into overnight lows in the teens (and dewpoints in the single digits ).
When air this dry is overhead, we can have higher amounts of static electricity, drier skin, etc.
While this is a short amount of time that we have this drier air overhead, it causes some discomfort for people. Here's some things you can do for yourself and those around the house:

-bring outdoor pets inside if possible, or make arrangements to keep them warm while outside,
-apply extra moisturizer, drink extra water
-don't crank the thermostat higher than necessary, as that will lower the relative humidity inside.
-if you have a humidifier, you can crank that up. If you don't have one, try putting a few bowls of water around the house.

Check out your weather on the ones forecast while you're here at to see when we have possibilities for showers this week!

Have a good Sunday
Pati Darak

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