Saturday, January 05, 2008

Warmup finally in the cards for this weekend

After getting a good taste of winter cold, we now get a chance to feel springlike temps once again!
Calm weather dominates the next few days. Highs Saturday with mostly cloudy skies will reach the mid 50s and by Tuesday we'll be near 70!

I hope you had a good week. While we had some decent rains recently, we're still in exceptional drought for a good portion of the state (which includes our Triangle, Sandhills, Down East of I-95 areas ). Few counties were downgraded from Exceptional to severe status, but if we remain in a pattern without significant rain, we will see those counties returning to the exceptional drought level soon.
The next few months look to have a dry pattern for NC . I had someone ask me if thats means no rain at all. Actually, what is means is that our predominant weather pattern for the next few months lean toward dry weather. However, there can always be events where we see a good measure of rain (like last week). We plan for the long-term patterns and enjoy when we get our bonus rainfall.

Since folks make new years resolutions in January, here's one that can be helpful during our drought. Take an inventory of how much water your household uses. Here's a link to a site which will walk you through it:

As for this week, we have a couple of chances for some showers. We won't count the chance for sprinkles on Sunday (mostly for the counties which border Virginia) but might see a little rain wednesday and Friday. Keep checking your Weather on the Ones Forecast for updates!

Have a pleasant saturday.

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