Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dean has Arrived; Is Erin on the Way?

Tropical Depression #4 strengthened into Tropical Storm Dean this morning as it moves to the west across the open Atlantic. The storm is still about 4 days away from reaching the islands. By that time Dean is forecast to have strengthened into a hurricane.

You'll notice the forecast cone from the National Hurricane Center grows larger over time. That, of course, is because there is a great deal of uncertainty past 3 days in a hurricane forecast, and it's too early to say what Dean may do past 5 days. We'll keep you posted with the latest in our tropical updates at :21 after the hour.

Dean isn't the only area we are watching today in the tropics...

A disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico is becoming better organized and could become the next tropical depression later today or tomorrow and is tracks toward southern Texas.

Meanwhile, while we watch the tropics, get ready for more hot weather. Triple digit heat is expected to return to some parts of the state for Wednesday and Thursday...

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