Monday, August 13, 2007

Tropics Becoming Active

The tropics appear to be waking up with the formation of Tropical Depression #4 this morning. The depression is still very far out in the Atlantic -- much closer to Africa than anywhere in North America at the moment. However, the system is moving to the west and will likely strengthen in the coming days. In fact, the depression is expected to become Tropical Storm Dean late Monday night or Tuesday.

The official forecast from the National Hurricane Center is for the system to approach the Leeward Islands by the weekend as a hurricane.

It is important to note that there is a great deal of uncertainty with the forecast past a few days. A lot will likely change over the coming days. Luckily we have plenty of time to monitor the system, and we'll keep you updated with the latest information.

Tropical Depression #4 is not the only area we are watching in the tropics today.

An area of disturbed weather moving into the Gulf of Mexico could become the next tropical depression over the next day or two.

For the very latest on the tropics, stay tuned to News 14 Carolina for our tropical updates at :21 after the hour.

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